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40ZSF's own collection stems from a passion for contemporary lighting design, an affinity for nature, and the desire to embolden and inspire the spaces we share. The founders of 40ZSF have been in the creative design field for over 15 years; while managing the complex and lively operations of an ecommerce business, the designers appreciate the ability to translate sketches and rumination into artful applications.
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The 40ZSF Gift Card by 40ZSF
40ZSF The 40ZSF Gift Card from $50.00
Horizontal Skyward Canvas by 40ZSF
40ZSF Horizontal Skyward Canvas from $366.00
Glass Coffee Table by 40ZSF
40ZSF Glass Coffee Table from $695.00

Sierra Acrylic Coffee Table by 40ZSF
40ZSF Sierra Acrylic Coffee Table $1,120.00
Jeffery Pine Canvas by 40ZSF
40ZSF Jeffery Pine Canvas from $366.00
Chandelier Canvas by 40ZSF
40ZSF Chandelier Canvas from $366.00

Prairie Canvas by 40ZSF
40ZSF Prairie Canvas from $366.00
Pollen Canvas by 40ZSF
40ZSF Pollen Canvas from $366.00
Mountain Alder Canvas by 40ZSF
40ZSF Mountain Alder Canvas from $366.00

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