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Our selection of modern bathroom accessories is an imaginative collection of stylish and functional designs, each illustrating that when it comes to contemporary bathroom decor, we know how to clean up.

About Bathroom Accessories

In contemporary home design, the modern bathroom carries as much cache as a beautifully appointed kitchen—and modern bathroom accessories are key contributors. Bathroom details, which include hardware, storage and textiles, are essential to the overall integrity of contemporary bathroom design, so the designer bathroom accessories you select will be a vital esthetic component.

Why is modern bathroom hardware so important?

Few elements can elevate the design integrity of an ordinary modern bathroom quite like hardware. Because most bathroom hardware comes in direct contact with human hands, it tends to get noticed and resonate with the average person in a way that other details might not.

Everyone knows the feel of a cheap faucet in their hands, and modern bathrooms, no matter how well-designed, that display clunky, poorly made hardware become immediately and needlessly diminished. Conversely, smart, well-crafted bathroom hardware—or contemporary bathroom accessories of any kind—can give a simple, modestly-sized modern bathroom the kind of refinement associated with a more expensive designer project.

How do I get the most from my modern bathroom accessories?

The great advantage of thoughtfully chosen contemporary bathroom accessories is that they can give ordinary, forgettable modern bathrooms distinction. When selecting accessories for your bathroom, whether it’s hardware, towels, or countertop items, find ways to draw the eye away form unattractive elements and towards tasteful designer bathroom accessories that add memorable visual impact.

Use your budget wisely, and spend dollars where the impact is most obvious. Modern bathroom accessories, such as soap dispensers, tissue holders, and countertop storage items tend to be relatively inexpensive, but still present an opportunity to exhibit your discerning eye—so don’t skimp on these details. Choose even the smallest, seemingly unimportant accessories carefully, being mindful of products that are well crafted and elegant, as well as eye-catching to visitors.

What should I keep in mind about modern bathroom towels and other textiles?

Bath and hand towels, bath mats, shower curtains present an opportunity to add color, luxury, and verve to a bathroom, so take full advantage of them. While the wide range of products available makes the task of selecting bathroom textiles easy, there’s also an abundance of cheaply made, low-quality products to be mindful of.

Whether your preference is for solid colors or whimsical prints, quality matters just as much here as with any other design endeavor, and plush bath towels are amongst the easiest of ways to give contemporary bathrooms a spa-like luxuriousness. Good quality hand towels in complementary colors or imaginative prints are immediately evident upon touch, and remain relatively affordable, so this is one area where stinting on quality doesn’t pay off.

Modern bathrooms that require shower curtains can benefit from the imaginative range of modern designs available, so make your shower curtain a true design element, worthy of careful consideration, rather than last-minute inclusion. As with all modern bathroom accessories, shopping thoughtfully with a relatively modest budget can pay off handsomely.

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