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Our modern bedding collection showcases contemporary motifs and elegant detailing, each duvet, sheet set, and modern accent piece designed with the kind of supreme comfort and visual sophistication that induces only sweet dreams.

About Bedding

If the star of a contemporary bedroom is the modern bed, think of modern bedding as the professionally applied makeup. No matter how handsome the bed, ill-fitting, cheaply made, and visually unappealing contemporary bedding can undermine a bed’s good looks and, more importantly, your level of sleeping comfort. So, as with modern kids bedding, take time to select modern bedding that enhances the design of your carefully chosen modern bed, adds to the overall esthetic scheme of your bedroom, and provides you with a night of restful, luxurious sleep.

What makes modern bedding so important to a contemporary bedroom?

With the bed automatically being the focal point of a bedroom, luxury bedding—duvet, blankets, accent pillows, sheets—also automatically draws the eye. Thoughtfully chosen modern bedding should look inviting and luxurious, in addition to being visually impactful, and feel soft and comfortable to the touch—qualities that are relatively easy to achieve, no matter how modest or substantial your bedding budget.

What makes contemporary bedding so important to a good night’s sleep?

Ultimately, the fact that a good night’s sleep is essential to good health and productivity is the main reason that modern bedding should be considered carefully. As with all elements that comprise a restful night’s sleep, choose bedding that ensures the many hours you spend in bed are enhanced by the look, feel, and functionality of your sheets and blankets, duvets and shams. Anyone who’s spent a single night in an expensive hotel room knows that luxury bedding—its material composition, the way it controls your body temperature through the night, the way it feels against your bare skin—can make all the difference in the world to waking up feeling rested and energetic.

What are the main pieces of modern bedding I should purchase?

As with most things, the number of modern bedding pieces you purchase is a matter of personal taste, but it’s best to begin by investing in basic modern bedding sets: flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases, and a duvet cover or bedspread, depending on your personal preference for bed covers. Ideally 2 sets of good quality sheets and pillowcases, as well as duvet cover, are worth the investment to ensure that there’s always a clean set waiting when laundry day arrives.

As with modern kids bedding, natural fibers are always a good choice for contemporary bedding. Fibers like cotton, linen and silk, and bedding pieces that are easy to care for and wear well, tend to be smart considerations both from an esthetic and comfort standpoint. Be inventive when creating your modern bedding sets—mix and match colors and prints to create individualized modern bedding sets, rather than confine yourself with pieces from a single collection.

Once your basic contemporary bedding pieces are in place, go a step further and invest in shams and accent pillows, decorative throws and beautiful blankets. These added elements will create a bedding statement that turns your modern bed and bedroom into a refuge of peace and comfort, beauty and restfulness.

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