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For bedroom and dining room, home office and kid's room, our modern storage options are designed for minimalists and pack rats alike.

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In a contemporary home, practical but stylish modern storage can be a challenge. Ideally, storage solutions shouldn’t look like last minute additions, but, in fact, as integral to the design and composition of a room as any other essential piece of furniture.

Because there’s such a wide range of inventive storage solutions available to the modern design enthusiast—shelving, sideboards, armoires, bookcases—it may be helpful to think less about a specific storage need, and focus, instead, on a few standard, timeless pieces of modern storage that offer long-term practicality and flexibility.

Buy modern bedroom storage that fits any room.

Besides a bed, modern dressers and nightstands comprise a basic contemporary bedroom ensemble, and investing wisely in both these storage elements will pay long-term dividends. Depending on the size of your bedroom and your volume of clothes and accessories, you may need more than one contemporary dresser with ample drawer space, and a pair of handsome, well constructed modern nightstands with drawers or shelves.

Consider bedroom storage that transcends bedroom décor, and opt for furniture that can easily blend into other rooms. For instance, a low-profile horizontal modern dresser can do double duty as modern sideboard in a dining room or media console in the living room; while a chic, well-proportioned contemporary nightstand may just as easily work as entryway table or occasional table in a living room. By thinking about storage in a less specific way, you’ll gain a longer lifespan from your modern storage selections, making them worthy investments.

Use modern sideboards, bookshelves & cabinets imaginatively.

Modern storage solutions for the living room, dining room, or home office include contemporary shelving and display cabinets, modern media consoles and dining room sideboards. There’s no shortage of elegant storage solutions out there, but it may be useful to think carefully about the purpose of each storage piece you buy to avoid purchasing something that, while visually compelling, may not be particularly useful or built to last.

Today’s range of contemporary bookcases and shelving is vast and varied, extending from basic to artful—and that’s both good news and bad news. It’s easy to fall for a striking, sculptural piece of modern shelving, but if your needs are both practical and esthetic, you may find yourself compromising functionality for form.

As with all modern furniture, buying with both form and functionality in mind is always a smart decision. If practical storage is your main consideration, opt instead for dual purpose shelving, like a large, modern shelving system that acts as both room divider and holder of books and objects. If your space is limited, choose a vertical contemporary bookshelf with a narrow footprint, which keeps books and objects organized in the most spatially economic way.

When choosing a modern media console, imagine how it might look outside that specific context, as say, contemporary cabinet for tabletop items in the dining room. A flat surface area and concealed shelving has myriad applications, so look beyond furniture labels. A tall and elegant modern armoire and low-profile modern sideboard might be ideally suited to their original function, but may just as easily solve a host of other storage needs.

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