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Contemporary nurseries don't have to be all frills and froth. Our collection of modern nursery furniture includes elegant cribs and modern changing tables, stylish rockers and smart dressers—all designed for the perfectly appointed modern nursery.

About Baby Furniture

Furnishing and decorating your modern nursery is a project both exciting and challenging. While every new parent aims to create an ideal environment in which their baby feels safe and protected, creating such a space—and making it visually inspiring, to boot—may feel like a daunting task. Still, by keeping your focus on the most essential elements of a safe and practical modern nursery, you’ll find that creating a soothing, nuanced environment for your baby is easier than you may have imagined.

What modern nursery furniture should I be looking for?

A fully outfitted modern nursery will certainly include a baby crib and modern changing table, but also luxuries like a roomy modern baby rocker or elegant daybed. How you compose your nursery will, of course, depend on your budget, the size of the space, and your particular desires. Still, make the transition into new parenthood less stressful for you and your baby by making a couple of baby nursery items priority purchases.

Make shopping for modern cribs your first priority.

The single most important purchase in a contemporary nursery is the baby crib. The sheer number of hours babies spend sleeping justifies the careful consideration required when selecting the safest and most comfortable modern crib. Researching and selecting the cotemporary baby crib that adheres to the most stringent safety and comfort standards, is comprised of materials that pose no harm to your child—and reflects your design sensibilities, if possible—should be your number one priority.

Be selfish when selecting a modern baby rocker or glider.

Modern cribs aside, your baby also spends a majority of its time in your arms, so be good to yourself and furnish your nursery with a comfortable modern baby glider or rocker. In those wee hours of the morning, or in the middle of the afternoon, you may find yourself needing rest even more than your baby does, and investing in a well-designed, comfortable contemporary baby rocker which has a smooth rocking motion is more than worthwhile both for you and your baby.

Take your time when selecting modern baby décor.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to modern baby décor, but once you’ve selected the major pieces for your modern nursery, take a step back before adding decorative touches. It may be tempting to fill your nursery with a slew of cute things, but less is often more even with contemporary baby décor. You’ll be receiving lots of baby gifts, and the key to a peaceful nursery is seldom a room stuffed full of things. Select your baby decor thoughtfully and judiciously, spending your budget towards items that are well crafted and beautiful, and designed to outlast your babies first years.

When shopping for modern baby décor, do I have to compromise beauty for safety?

Fortunately, no. Contemporary baby décor has come a long way since plain wooden cribs and frilly bassinets, and finding baby furniture and decor that doesn’t compromise your modern design sensibilities is easier than ever. While safety and comfort should always be your primary considerations, your modern nursery selections can easily have both practical and esthetic dimensions. Our collection of baby furniture and décor features a wide range of selections that will guide you towards that ideal baby crib, modern high chair, or contemporary changing table—items to help you protect the wellbeing of your baby without undermining the esthetic sensibilities of grownups.


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