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Imaginative modern rugs, playful contemporary wallpaper, engaging decorative accents. Our vast and varied collection of modern kids decor features a winsome array of products designed to create a visually impactful and creatively inspiring environment for your child.

About Kids & Baby Decor

Selecting modern kids and baby decor for your nursery or kids room is akin to readying the icing for a cake--which is to say, it's the truly sweet part. With the main event out of the way—furniture, bedding, practical necessities—what remains is the stuff that gives a children's room or modern baby nursery its character.

Modern kids rugs, childrens wallpaper, modern kids decals, children's art—these are the kids and baby accents that inject personality, pizzazz, and much-needed magic into the modern child's world.

What's the best way to shop for modern kids and baby decor?

When it comes to baby decor and children’s decor, the world is your oyster, so to speak. Whether shopping for kids rugs or wallpaper, children’s pillows or baby mobiles and wall decals, the vast array of inventive modern baby and kids accents out there may be overwhelming—making smart and thoughtful choices a challenge. So, be sure to keep a few basic guidelines in mind to help corral those seemingly limitless choices, and focus on children’s and baby items with the potential to provide value immediately as well as in the long run.

Modern children's wallpaper and rugs have long-term payoffs.

Children’s decor can basically be divided up into large-scale, more expensive items, and smaller, more nuanced ones--with modern kids rugs and wallpapers falling into the former category. Owing to the large surface area that modern kids wallpaper and rugs cover, a striking children’s wallpaper motif or playful kids rug can transform a room from lackluster to vivid.

Modern children’s rugs stretch the boundaries of standard shapes, materials, and colorways, making them visually impactful and practical additions to any nursery or kids room. When choosing a kids rug, consider selecting a modern kids rug with imaginative patterns and colors that engage, and possibly educate, by stimulating their cognitive senses. Squares, circles, hexagons, and triangles don’t have to be limited to building blocks and games.

When purchasing children’s rugs, remember that quality counts for a lot. Modern kids rugs that are made from safe and durable materials that protect and withstand the inevitable falls and spills of toddlers and energetic kids, are always a better long-term investment than cheaply made kids rugs that succumb to your little one’s messy first years.

Modern kids and baby wallpaper are more imaginative than ever, packing terrific visual impact—so select kids wallpaper patterns with both esthetics and longevity in mind. Choose a motif with broad kid appeal, ensuring that the expense and labor involved in installing your carefully chosen modern children’s wallpaper won’t need to be repeated in a couple of years.

Be adventurous with modern kids decor and accents.

Unlike with bigger-ticket items, modern kids accents and decor are license to be particularly imaginative. Take chances by opting for unusually creative modern children’s pillows and modern kids prints that give a nursery or kids room a touch of originality and joy. Animal-shaped modern kids pillows, alphabet-based children’s prints, modern kids wall decals that can be repositioned or replaced with ease are only a few of the contemporary kids accents that turn a well-decorated room into an exceptional statement in modern kids decor.


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