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Graphic prints, contemporary illustrations and organic materials. Our modern kids and baby bedding—soft cotton sheets, cozy blankets, and hand stitched quilts—shows that comfort, safety, and style are key qualities in our collection of modern kids and baby offerings.

About Kids & Baby Bedding

Once you’ve outfitted your contemporary nursery or kids room with a safe and stylish crib or modern childrens bed, you’ll be on the hunt for appropriately comfortable modern kids bedding that also makes bedtime a fun and joyful process.

Whether shopping for baby boy or baby girl, toddler, or 3 year-old, selecting smart and stylish modern kids bedding sets should also be a fun-filled and enjoyable process for you. After all the hard work of finding the perfect ensemble of kids furniture, applying the finishing touches shouldn’t be anywhere as stressful, so take some time to enjoy the process of buying pretty modern baby crib sheets and modern baby blankets, creatively illustrated kids bedding sets and accent pillows.

What should I look for in modern children’s bedding sets and modern baby bedding?

Needless to say, comfort and safety are the most important considerations when choosing modern kids bedding. Because baby crib sheets, modern baby blankets, pillows and contemporary children’s bedding sets come in direct contact with the delicate skin of babies and little ones, it’s essential that bedding material be clean, safe, soft, and easy to maintain.

Think soft and soothing, when it comes to modern baby bedding and kids bedding:

When selecting modern kids and baby bedding, some qualities may be obvious, and some less so. Materials that feel soft to the touch—cotton, silk, certain synthetic blends—will obviously feel soothing to your baby or child, and will, no doubt, enhance their sleeping hours, so being mindful of the way modern childrens bedding and baby blankets feel to the touch is an obvious way to make an informed decision. But also be mindful of fabrics that breathe and help your children maintain healthy body temperatures while they sleep, being sure to avoid overly silky and stiff fabrics when choosing modern baby bedding for that perfectly chosen modern baby crib.

Opt for chemical-free baby bedding and modern kids bedding sets:

Read the labels of modern kids bedding to ensure that harmful chemical treatments used in the manufacturing process (and which might have residual effects on your child’s wellbeing) have been avoided or at least kept to a minimum. With still-developing immune systems, kids and babies are more adversely affected by toxins that may or many not adversely affect adults. Opt for peace of mind in knowing you’ve done all you can to ensure the safety and health of your baby or children.

Make it easy on yourself with modern baby bedding and kids bedding:

Selecting the best modern kids bedding or modern baby crib sets for your child or baby doesn’t mean that you should make things hard on yourself—or the environment. Baby bedding that’s easy to wash and maintain, and wears well after repeated washing will make your job easier as a parent, and makes more economic sense for you as well. And, as with all design, buying better quality products means fewer throwaway purchases that eventually end up in our landfills.

Go ahead and go for pretty modern kids bedding and baby crib sets.

Yes, comfort and health are primary considerations, but go ahead and spring for the prettiest modern kids bedding sets and contemporary baby blankets around. Focus on visually pleasing bedding that enhances the look of your beautiful modern baby crib or contemporary kids beds alike, selecting items that have been made with quality, longevity, and a healthy dose of whimsy in mind.

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