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Who says modern design is for grownups only? Put the fun into functional with our vast collection of stylish modern kids furniture—beds, seating, modern kids tables and storage—designed to create an engaging and practical contemporary kids room.

About Kids Furniture

Creating a modern kids room that expresses your child’s personality while also reflecting your own design sensibilities may sound like a tall order, but is, in fact, easily attainable once you focus on the correct elements. A functional and engaging kids room begins with the basics, and that means finding the right pieces of modern kids furniture. Thoughtfully chosen contemporary childrens furniture sets the stage for the finer elements needed to turn an ordinary room into a stylish and joyful personal space for your child.

What are the essential pieces of contemporary kids furniture I should buy?

Think carefully when selecting modern kids beds:

Investing in intelligently designed modern kids beds pays significant dividends because it has the potential to provide years of value to your child. Contemporary kids beds that have flexibility and adaptability—toddler guard rails that can be removed when your child gets older; convenient under-bed storage drawers; trundle beds that make sleepovers convenient and fun—will go a long way towards smartly stretching the budget dollars you’ve set aside for modern kids furniture.

Think outside the box for modern kids storage:

The beauty of clean-lined contemporary design is that it translates equally well to a modern kids room as any other room in the home. Rather than thinking strictly in terms of modern kids dressers and nightstands, for instance, think in terms of the size, shape and materials of modern storage pieces, and how well they may translate to your child’s room. Contemporary designs that are modest in size, or unusual in color or finish may be make perfect contemporary kids storage for your child’s room.

Make modern kids bookcases and shelving fun:

Show off your kids’ book collection and toys by taking advantage of the creative range of contemporary kids bookcases and shelving available. While it may be wise to keep things simple and classic when shopping for kids beds and dressers, bookcases and shelving can veer towards the more adventurous. Rather than opting for standard horizontal or vertical shelving, look for bookcases that are interesting in shape and choice of material, which perform their primary function beautifully, but inject a dash of pizzazz into your child’s room.

Is it possible to find modern kids decor to suit the rest of my house?

A thoughtfully designed kids room will (and should) reflect the juvenile preoccupations of its occupant. But creating a stimulating and joyful space for your child doesn’t mean making an esthetic break from the rest of your house. In theory, good modern design, irrespective of its target age, should look perfectly suited to any room—and modern kids decor is no exception.

When selecting modern kids furniture, keep it simple. Clean lines, good proportions, and superior craftsmanship are key elements of timeless design. When selecting children’s furniture, whether it’s modern kids seating, dressers and nightstands, or any kind of contemporary children’s decor, these same rules can be easily applied, ensuring a collection of furniture that ages well, evolves organically with your child’s needs, and adheres the same visual standards you’ve applied to the rest of your home.

Select joyful, but tasteful, modern kids decor.

Kids deserve a space that’s whimsical and magical, but that doesn’t mean that discernment and good taste should be bypassed. There’s plenty of cute, but mundane, modern kids furniture and décor out there, but be as selective with modern childrens décor as you would any purchase for your home. Selecting contemporary kids furniture and decor should be a thoughtful endeavor, with quality, safety, functionality, and imaginative design as guidelines.

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