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LEFF Amsterdam

LEFF Amsterdam
Leff began as an Amsterdam-based maker of modern clocks and watches, and continues to expand its product range beyond timepieces. Faced with the challenge of keeping analog clocks and watches relevant in a digital world, Leff has leveraged its technical expertise, love of modern design, and respect for durability in service of a collection of highly desirable objects that reflect the company's refined industrial aesthetic. The highest quality materials, and meticulous hand-applied workmanship define the Leff collection of personal products and household objects.
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7 Results
Tube Audio by LEFF
LEFF Tube Audio $119.00
Brick Wall / Desk Clock by LEFF
LEFF Brick Wall / Desk Clock from $329.00
Tube Clock by LEFF
LEFF Tube Clock $119.00

Block Alarm Clock by LEFF
LEFF Block Alarm Clock from $69.00
Scope Wall Clock by LEFF
LEFF Scope Wall Clock from $189.00
Base Tabletop Clock by LEFF
LEFF Base Tabletop Clock $429.00

Inverse Mirror Floor Clock by LEFF
LEFF Inverse Mirror Floor Clock $995.00

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