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Track Lighting

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Track lighting is a unique and versatile lighting system which involves a linear element or ‘track,’ and a series of lights that are installed along the length of the track in a variety of configurations. The advantage of a track lighting system lies precisely in this flexibility—which, because of its built-in penchant for light variation—enhances the fixture’s ability to act as primary lighting, focused lighting, or decorative lighting.

What LED track lighting options do I have?

An LED track light system comes in a variety of applications, but generally falls into a couple of basic categories: standard and monorail. Standard track lighting models are the most easily identified, comprised of a track that stays affixed to a ceiling with hardware, onto which the lighting elements are attached. Monorail LED track lighting involves a more flexible, non-linear design in which the track can take on a more organic shape and be suspended several inches below the ceiling’s surface. Which type of track light model works best for you will depend on your personal taste and the particular features of the room you’re planning on illuminating.

Where would I use track lighting fixtures?

Generally speaking, track lighting can be used almost anywhere in a home, from living and dining rooms to hallways and entryways. What you’ll need to determine is what you expect of your LED track lighting installation—namely, do you see it as a primary lighting source or as a secondary one. An LED track light installation as a primary light source is quite common in kitchens. Kitchen track lighting above a counter or kitchen bar is ideal for providing both ample lighting for tasks and ambient lighting for ambience when entertaining.

LED track lighting installed above a dining table, or even in a living room can be both practical and visually striking, depending on the track lighting kits selected. LED Track light fixtures make excellent subsidiary lighting as well. If you have a particularly large living room, for instance, where the primary lighting source doesn’t illuminate the entire room evenly, a track light installation along the periphery of a room may be both practical and esthetically pleasing. If there’s a particular architectural detail or a work of art on a wall that you’d like to draw attention to, some track lighting kits can can do just that in a way that’s both subtle and visually striking.

Can track lighting be pretty?

Absolutely. If your idea of LED track lighting is utilitarian or industrial, there’s no need to fear. Today’s track light models encompass a range from subtle elements that hug the ceiling to sparkling pendant lights that dangle beguilingly, making an LED track light installation amiable to a wide range of contexts. As with any type of lighting design, if you find yourself in the market for track lighting kits, you’ll find no shortage of designs that are both practical and visually dazzling.

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