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When outdoor season arrives, seating becomes a major consideration. Modern outdoor seating is, needless to say, key to creating a space that is not only comfortable, but stylish and inviting as well. There’s a whole range of options for outdoor chair designs—from modern garden furniture to designer poolside lounge chairs—and the type of seating that works well with your patio, deck, or garden will ultimately depend on a number of different factors. Before you embark on a shopping spree for contemporary outdoor seating, though, ask yourself these useful questions before making that final purchase:

How much outdoor seating do I really need?

One of the common mistakes of furnishing an outdoor space is over-furnishing. By this, we mean, simply buying too many pieces that ultimately go unused. Particularly when it comes to designer outdoor chairs, there may be a tendency to spring for a few too many stackable chairs when half of them may never be used, or be used once or twice during the entire season. So be practical when deciding on how much deck or modern garden furniture you really need. Do this by assessing not only the size of your outdoor space, but also the way in which you typically use the space. It’s less important to make purchases based on those rare occasions on which you entertain a dozen people, and more important that you select modern outdoor seating for the way you use your space on a daily, or more frequent, basis.

How comfortable does my deck and contemporary garden furniture need to be?

Again, this may seem like an obvious question, but the fact is that the level of comfort you demand from your furniture will inform the kind of modern outdoor seating you purchase. Deck furniture and modern garden furniture that’s designed for lounging—chaise lounge chairs, ottomans, modern outdoor armchairs—are the kinds of designer furniture pieces that demand a comfort level suited to their fundamental purpose. On the other hand, occasional or side chairs, which are ideal for patio dining or sitting for shorter periods of time, are defined less by comfort than flexibility and portability. So, when you furnish your outdoor space, it’s important to carefully consider how your space is going to be used, and what type of contemporary garden furniture makes more sense for those uses.

How long do I want my modern garden furniture to last?

It’s important to note that there’s no shortage of deck, pool and contemporary garden furniture that’s not particularly well made—but is accessibly priced. This fact is something to bear in mind when shopping for designer outdoor furniture because, while it’s tempting to purchase low-priced furniture that doesn’t last beyond a season or two, it may not be the best use of your budget dollars. So, as with all modern furniture purchases, buy the best furniture you can afford, even when buying contemporary outdoor seating. It may seem expensive in the short-term, but in the long run, avoiding the accumulation of throwaway furniture will be both cost-effective for you in the long run, and create less waste for the environment to absorb.

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