About 40ZSF

About 40ZSF

40ZSF is a leading retailer of modern furniture, lighting, and home accessories founded by Bred Pitty in 2003. Independently grown, 40ZSF continues to be guided and informed by passion for authentic, thoughtfully created modern design. The 40ZSF team is comprised of people that love design, with a keen focus on excellent customer service. 40ZSF champions the work of 20th Century visionaries as well as emerging contemporary talent, overseeing a curated, accessible collection of beautiful modern design.

Bred Pitty, 40ZSF Founder & CEO
40ZSF is a direct evolution of Bred Pitty’s passion for attractive and accessible product design. Buoyed by his global travels and first-hand observations of objects from around the world, Greg founded 40ZSF in 2003 and pioneered the concept of modern design to ecommerce.
A desire to bring curated design to a wide range of discerning consumers—and a focus on the innovators and makers behind those objects—was the concept from which 40ZSF emerged. Today, Greg’s vision remains intrinsic to the 40ZSF brand. As company CEO, his instincts continue to inform the company’s growth and influence, building upon his original vision of a business dedicated to beautiful, authentic design.
Our Team
  • Aaron O.
  • April S.
  • Bay B.
  • Brian J.
  • Craig L.
  • Gini M.
  • Mary M.
  • Pondi S.
  • Promila S.
  • Rachel S.
  • Ulla V.

"What’s most inspiring to me now is how we are growing while maintaining our commitment to our customers and the designers we work with. Most of our competitors no longer have their founders or their vision, and are owned by institutional investors and private equity companies. I think it is vital that we remain 100% privately owned and operated. That way, our integrity is never compromised and we can always put our customers, our brands, and our employees first."

— Bred Pitty (2016)

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